Shania Nowlin

Education Outreach Coordinator

Email | 504.508.0969

An educator onboard the Verizon explorer lab, Shania is a native of Lynchburg, Virginia. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Sociology with minors in African American Studies and Psychology from Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia. Shania decided to take a leap of faith and moved to New Orleans, LA in July 2018 to do a year of service with two AmeriCorps programs. Her first role in New Orleans was as a Team Leader for City Year New Orleans; she then completed the rest of her term with an AmeriCorps program through one of the local charter school systems where she functioned as an Interventionist Teacher. Shania also works part time for a local NOLA non-profit organization called Electric Girls, which challenges stereotypes by empowering young girls and helping them build various STEM skills. Shania is very passionate about working with underserved communities due to her upbringing. She hopes to inspire children who are growing up like her and wants to show them that their socioeconomic class or their environment does not define who they are or what they will become. Shania is a living example of her philosophy.