At the start of 2020 Puerto Rico was mostly relieving the uncertainty of dire times when Hurricane Maria hit. A series of earthquakes left more than 17,000 students without the possibility to attend schools…. THANK YOU, LEARNING UNDEFEATED for saying “yes” when the times called for a hand, and saying “we’ll insist and persist”.

Jorge A. Valentine Rodríguez
STEM & CTE Program Manager
Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust

The question was: how can we deliver hands-on research experience for our students? Learning Undefeated had the answer…. To have the students conduct science research [at home] despite the coronavirus limitations, it really sets them along the path of being not just college and career ready, but college and career STEM ready.

Karen Shelton, Science & Technology Internship Program Coordinator
Charles H. Flowers High School, Springdale, Maryland

Learning Undefeated is constantly developing and delivering creative STEM education programs for students. They are quick to market with new ideas, piloting and adapting them in the same ways that R&D researchers would do with a new vaccine. This team is truly transforming how students learn and how they see themselves having STEM careers.

Brian Rosen, Senior Vice President

We are super excited to have these kits. They are perfect, nice little convenient packages that are very closely related to our curriculum, which is awesome. Our teachers don’t have to add more to what they are already responsible for, but this really does support the curriculum that we have.

Erin Lukomska-Schlauch, Science Department Chair, Charles Herbert Flowers High School, Springdale, Maryland

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing the biology kits to students at DuVal, Flowers, Oxon Hill and Roosevelt. What a game changer!!  This addition will enhance our distance learning and provide the students with experiences that they cannot get from a computer.

Felicia J. Martin Latief, Ed.D.
STEM Instructional Supervisor
Prince Georges’ County Public Schools