Learning Undefeated is driving race and gender equity in STEM through experiential and deep impact learning experiences for students from under-resourced communities. Using innovative education programs that motivate and engage K-12 students, we are sparking interest in STEM careers and building a positive STEM identity in our participants.

Learning Undefeated is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland and currently operates programs in Delaware, Maryland, Louisiana, Texas, and Virginia. Please send cover letters and resumes to careers@learningundefeated.org. 

Race and gender equity is at the center of our work and ideal candidates will have a shared passion to help address inequitable access to education. Candidates are encouraged to highlight their experience working to advance social impact issues that intersect or directly impact the lives of children, such as education, public health, housing, early learning, disaster recovery, and neighborhood revitalization.

Learning Undefeated is committed to fostering an inclusive environment that supports and celebrates diversity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills and honor our staffs’ individual experiences, perspectives and unique identity. Together, our organization strives to create and maintain working and learning environments that are inclusive, equitable and welcoming.

Current Openings at Learning Undefeated

Learning Undefeated is a nationally-recognized, award winning nonprofit organization. For 20 years, Learning Undefeated has prepared more than 1.2 million students for STEM careers, positively impacting student knowledge, confidence, and overall attitude towards the STEM field. We’ve inspired more than one million students in all 50 states and beyond, teaching hands-on science, technology, engineering and math skills while empowering students to choose and succeed in STEM career paths.

Our standards-aligned curriculum is presented by experienced scientist-educators using a near-peer teaching model, incorporating the use of research-grade equipment, techniques, leading edge technology and STEM concepts as they relate to everyday life and career opportunities in the industry. All programs highlight various pathways to careers in STEM, from high school diplomas through advanced degrees. Program participants report gains in many areas, ranging from content knowledge and confidence to desire to pursue additional schooling.