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Photo Library | Explorer7

The newest innovation the country’s mobile laboratory leader, Explorer7 is a flexible, multipurpose space designed to engage and excite students about science, technology, engineering and math. The seventh vehicle in the Learning Undefeated fleet, Explorer7 features bold, colorful graphics inside and out and touchscreen televisions at each student workspace. Light enough to be towed with a large pickup truck, Explorer7 debuted for the 2022/23 school year.

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Mobile eXploration Lab (MXLab)

The country’s largest, most advanced mobile STEM education vehicle, the Mobile eXploration Lab (called MXLab for short) is a 53-foot tractor trailer custom-designed by Learning Undefeated to expand new technology and laboratory science experiences and pique students’ interests in STEM learning and careers. At over 1,000 square feet inside, the MXLab can accommodate classes of up to 42 students working in groups and serves grades K-12.

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Explorer Lab

Learning Undefeated’s Explorer Lab offers a STEM learning experience unlike anything else your students have ever experienced. This custom-built motorcoach bus is a shared immersive learning experience that combines movie-quality video, special effects, and hands-on educational gaming. Upon boarding the lab, students take a five-minute trip across the solar system, visiting each planet through a jaw-dropping 360-video experience before landing on Mars. After touching down, students design their own rover on individual tablets and then complete a series of activities designed to help them think and problem solve like an engineer. Throughout the experience, students make engineering tradeoffs between power and functionality, reinforcing concepts of engineering design.

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Drop Anywhere Labs

Our newest concept in mobile STEM education, Drop Anywhere Labs provide flexible mobile classroom and laboratory space for middle schools. The immersive learning environment provides authentic, real-world learning co-developed with teachers and STEM industry subject matter experts to introduce students to high-paying, high-demand careers while building teacher capacity in STEM. The program offers students game-based and hands on experiential learning without leaving the school parking lot.

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Our orignial mobile laboratory, MdBioLab is a 45-foot wet lab housed in a tractor trailer, which can accommodate classes of up to 32 students. The mobile laboratory is fully self-contained, with its own power and water supply. MdBioLab currently provides disaster recovery education to schools impacted by natural disasters and is available for middle and high school education programming.

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