Drop Anywhere Labs

Modular drop-in clinics for COVID-19 vaccinations and testing

Learning Undefeated’s Drop Anywhere Labs offer secure and professional space for mobile health initiatives including COVID testing and vaccinations. The compact shipping container framework allows for easy deployment to urban environments. All units are fully self-sufficient, with power, heating/cooling, and HEPA filtration, and space for specialty refrigeration units. Laboratories can be deployed in as little as two weeks.

Drop Anywhere Lab Features

  • Self-sufficient mobile laboratory with onboard power, water, and refrigeration
  • Compact shipping container framework easily deployed in urban environments
  • Professional, laboratory grade surfaces
  • Interactive teaching tools including touchscreen walls, projection mapping
  • Standards-aligned science & health education programs for grades K-12

Make it Happen

We are looking for community health partners for the Drop Anywhere Lab project. If you need a mobile laboratory for COVID vaccinations, contact:

Brian Gaines, CEO

240.552.9311 · email

Education to Improve Health Outcomes

Learning Undefeated is a non-profit organization that provides life-changing STEM experiences for nearly 50,000 students per year. Our mobile laboratory fleet includes trailers, buses, and shipping containers. All of our labs are designed to immerse and engage students with science and health.

With more than 20 years of proven STEM education experience, Learning Undefeated and the Drop Anywhere Labs can provide culturally relevant, community-based public health programs to educate patients and their families about vaccines. Onboard immersive technology makes even a short interaction very impactful, using touch-screen walls and movie-theater quality projection, light, and sound. Projectors and television monitors controlled by an on-board computer also allow for interactive presentations to be brought outdoors.

With laboratory grade equipment and adaptable presentation technology, Drop Anywhere Labs are a scalable solution for vaccine delivery, testing, and community health education.