STEM Rockstars

Learning Undefeated’s STEM Rockstars spotlight series features young professionals from diverse backgrounds who are working to make a difference in science, business, medicine, engineering, and technology fields. Each short video includes a profile of the job role and information about how they came to be interested in STEM. View the entire video gallery

At-Home Science

STEM learning takes place in so many ways outside of the classroom. Whether you’re out of school on break or just looking for fun experiments to learn a little more about science, here are some great resources to explore. These short video experiments are designed for K-12 students to do at home, using household materials. Many experiments can be completed using everyday objects you already have at home! Also great assignment ideas for teachers for students’ independent instruction days. View the entire video gallery


Our mobile labs and staff are frequently in the news. Check out these clips for an overview of our programs, dating from current all the way back to 2008. View the entire video gallery

Outside the Classroom

Get students excited about learning from home with our Outside the Classroom video series. These three-minute video clips demonstrate activities that parents can do with their students at home, using common household materials. This video series originally aired in summer 2020 on the WJLA/ABC-7 (Washington, DC) morning show, Outside the Classroom, with meteorologist Ryan Miller. View the entire video gallery