Empowering Teachers In and Out of the Classroom


Learning Undefeated’s programs empower teachers to learn new content, familiarizing them with laboratory-grade tools that most schools don’t have access to. Our programs provide teachers with professional education, curriculum, supplies, and support – and teachers continue to ask us back year over year.

“We wanted access for all students, and we received more than we could hope for! Our ESOL students who are new to English and the language of science are still talking about the experience! Our upper level IB and AP kids were thrilled to have an opportunity to work in such a professional setting.”


Again and again, teachers tell us that the Learning Undefeated curriculum added value to their classrooms and created experiences for students that they couldn’t possibly achieve otherwise.

Teachers vote with their feet!

100% of the teachers surveyed are interested in having the MXLab visit their school again to offer other STEM experiences for their students. And our teachers continuously ask for more – the most common teacher feedback and suggestions for improvement are a) have the lab stay at school for more days so more students are able to participate, and b) add more topics.

Teachers consistently have overwhelmingly positive comments about Learning Undefeated’s programs, including…

“Extremely perfect! Instructors were amazing and expert! Materials used amazed students!”

“Students were fascinated!”

“The entire experience was awesome! I loved seeing and using all of the lab equipment.”

“Our students loved the experience with you. They are actually asking to do it again, thus making other students jealous. So, please come back.”

“My students loved the experience and wished they could stay all day.”

“The Biolab was a wonderful experience for my students. THANK YOU!”

“The relevance was completely in line with my classroom goals.”

“As a school leader who is responsible for generating lessons to introduce careers to students, I found this mobile lab to be perfect to satisfy that objective.”

“Use of technology in the classroom is a classroom goal we have and it couldn’t been exemplified more than the way the bus did for my students.”

“Well explained and designed. So excellent we want it again for next year’s students.”

“We usually do not qualify for this lab to visit our school. We have a floating lab with some equipment that 7 schools share, but having the opportunity to feel like they were in a real lab setting with access to more equipment was so valuable. Our school system cannot afford to provide that. We wish we could have this visit every year.”

“Thank you all so much! The kids are still talking about how great it was!”

“Rigorous for all types of students in my 7th grade level.”

“Our students in small rural schools do not get the opportunities that larger schools offer. This helps them to broaden their horizons.”

“Everything was ethereal. The staff members were all engaging and knowledgeable. The lab looks high end. I wish we could have that funding to have a lab like that.”

*Mobile eXploration Lab program evaluation, 2018/19 school year. This report is based on student pre- and post-lab surveys from 10 Maryland high schools, assessing content knowledge and attitude about science careers (n=4258). Teacher feedback is based on a post-lab survey of 45 teachers.

All Learning Undefeated program evaluations are conducted by an external evaluation firm.