Mobile eXploration Lab (MXLab)

The country’s largest, most advanced mobile STEM education vehicle, the Mobile eXploration Lab (called MXLab for short) was custom-designed by Learning Undefeated to expand new technology and laboratory science experiences and pique students’ interests in STEM learning and careers.

Inside the lab, Learning Undefeated’s educators engage participants in hands-on experiences using technologies not available in schools. MXLab instructors combine Learning Undefeated’s core bioscience and chemistry curriculum with data set modeling, virtual reality, cybersecurity and game-based learning. Funding for the MXLab represents a unique public-private partnership, with investments made by Learning Undefeated, the State of Maryland, philanthropic organizations, and corporate supporters.

Fun Facts

  • Footprint: Nearly 1,000 square feet

  • Class size: Up to 40 students

  • Students served: 10,000 Maryland high school students per year. Learning Undefeated has served one million students since 2003.

  • Curriculum: Bioscience, chemistry, data set modeling, cybersecurity, and game-based learning

  • Technology: Six touch-screen flat panel televisions, internet, and more than one mile of CAT-5 cabling to enable state-of-the-art education

  • Manufacturer: Triune Specialty Vehicles

  • Began service: 2017/2018 school year

2021/22 School Year Status

Learning Undefeated’s MXLab is serving Texas schools this school year, and our schedule is full.

However, we hope to be able to add capacity for additional mobile lab visits in Maryland later in the school year. Please sign up for our wait list and we will contact you should a mobile laboratory visit become available.

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