In partnership with the Texas Education Agency, Learning Undefeated presents the Texas Mobile STEM Laboratory program for the 2020/21 school year. The Texas Mobile STEM Lab is a custom outfitted STEM learning space that offers engaging, immersive, hands-on STEM experiences for students and teachers, teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics topics and skills.

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Request a Visit for your School

All visits for the 2020/21 school year have now been scheduled.

All Texas public schools that offer classes for grades K-8 are eligible to request a visit. At least one school from every education region will receive a visit each school year. Priority for visits will be given to schools in rural areas and those demonstrating high economic need (majority student body that qualifies for free & reduced meals).

In subsequent years, priority will also be given to schools that have not yet had a Mobile STEM Lab visit. Vist length is determined by the amount of time needed to serve all students in the school.

Meet the Texas Mobile STEM Lab

Onboard the Texas Mobile STEM Lab, K-8 students solve engineering design challenges and work cooperatively to design a product or process using model STEM activities developed by Learning Undefeated, with support from the Texas Education Agency (TEA), that integrate content knowledge aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This program is offered at no cost to the schools.

The Texas Mobile STEM Lab offers cross-curricular STEM experiences. These activities will introduce STEM to students from Kindergarten through Grade 8, and allow students to engage with the engineering design process. Learning Undefeated will provide the materials needed to complete engineering design challenges focused on brainstorming, designing, and testing. All activities focus on students designing solutions to problems and allow for collaboration and exploration of the content.

Features of the Mobile Lab

  • Mobile, flexible and portable laboratory space for schools in need
  • Research-grade science and technology equipment and resources
  • Chemical resistant surfaces
  • Integrated technology, augmented reality, and game-based learning
  • Full-time support staff to support teacher professional development and student instruction
  • Dedicated onboard electrical, HVAC and water
  • Wheelchair accessible entrances and exits
  • Flexible outdoor space, convertible fixtures, and moveable storage