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Women ages 14-22: Registration Opens March 2023

This fast-paced, hybrid program introduces high school and college women to high-demand STEM jobs, in an all-female cohort environment. The program has two parts: virtual sessions during the school year (spring) and a two-week, in-person laboratory intensive in the summer.

For the 2023 program, virtual sessions take place biweekly on Saturdays, from April 15 to June 10, 2023. Laboratory sessions will take place as follows.

  • Cohort 5 [Engineering focus] will take place in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Timing is late June 2023.
  • Cohort 6 [Biotechnology focus] will take place in Maryland with laboratory intensive sessions in Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City. Timing is July 2023.

Full schedule will be available when registration opens in March.

What You’ll Get From this Program

  • Meet amazing women who are creating the future, today
  • Learn laboratory skills that will set you apart when applying to college and that first job
  • Practice “soft skills” like making connections and public speaking, which are in super high demand in science jobs
  • Make friends who have have similar interests
  • Get a completion certificate to add to your résumé or college application

Hear from our inaugural class of Emerging Leaders what the program meant to them.

Now more than 100 alumnae strong, Learning Undefeated’s Emerging Leaders program was created to connect young women with in-demand STEM content and inspire them towards high-growth careers.

Through this rigorous, hybrid learning experience, students meet STEM luminaries from a diverse set of backgrounds, learn advanced techniques using professional laboratory equipment, build career readiness and networking skills, and develop friendships that will support their journey in STEM.

The hybrid program model combines custom-designed At-Home Science Kits provided to each participant introduce students and mentors to common laboratory techniques, with advanced laboratory workshops taught in person onboard one of Learning Undefeated’s mobile laboratories.

Cohort Four: Spring 2022 

Cohort Four, Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program pairs high school and college women as near-peer mentors and connects them with diverse professionals from STEM careers in Maryland and across the greater Washington, DC area, with a focus on DOD-connected careers in STEM fields.

Thank you to our Cohort Four sponsor: DoD STEM.

Cohort Three: Spring 2022 

Cohort Three, Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program pairs high school and college women as near-peer mentors and connects them with diverse professionals from STEM careers in Delaware. In-person laboratory experiences will include insider tours of AstraZeneca’s biomanufacturing facility in Newark

Thank you to our Cohort Three sponsor: AstraZeneca.

Cohort Two: Fall 2021

Cohort Two, Emerging Leaders in Biotech + Cyber, program pairs high school and college women as near-peer mentors and connects them with diverse professionals from STEM careers in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Participants will learn advanced laboratory techniques and cybersecurity skills while building career readiness and networking skills.  This cohort will focus on the high-growth industries biopharma, cybersecurity and biotechnology.

Thank you to our Cohort Two sponsors: AstraZeneca, Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation, and REGENXBio.

Cohort One: Summer 2021

Read our blog post to learn more about the biotechnology curriculum from our 2021 pilot cohort. During virtual sessions, participants heard from female luminaries in the biotechnology fields, many of whom are creating new solutions for DOD and military service members, with a specific focus on highlighting the contributions of Black, Latina, and Indigenous women. Speaker themes focus on unique challenges faced by women in STEM careers, and ways students can build their confidence to overcome barriers that typically discourage women.

The pilot Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program included 72 female participants, ages 14-22. Nearly 40 percent of the participants self-identify as African American or Black, 20 percent Hispanic or Latina, and 30 percent Asian. More than half of participants are currently (or will be) first generation college students, and many are considering med school, biology or engineering related fields of study.

Thank you to our Cohort One sponsor, DoD STEM.