Building Awareness of Biotechnology Careers

Learning Undefeated’s Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology was created in 2021 to connect young women with biotechnology content and inspire them towards high-demand DOD careers. Through this rigorous, 10-session hybrid learning experience, students meet STEM professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds, learn techniques in biotechnology using professional laboratory equipment, build career readiness and networking skills, and develop friendships that will support their journey in STEM.

Hear from our inaugural class of Emerging Leaders what the program meant to them.

For Students

Women Ages 14-22

This program is for high school and college women, who are interested in learning more about biotechnology careers. Click below to learn more about becoming an Emerging Leader with Learning Undefeated.

The program centers around making meaningful connections for high school and college women by providing life-changing STEM career and educational opportunities. Built on a near-peer mentorship model, the program fosters meaningful connections between Black women, Latina women, Indigenous women, and women of color ages 14 to 22 by combining hands-on workshops that nurture skills, knowledge, and support to pursue careers in biotechnology plus career-focused sessions where students gain exposure to a wide range of military and biotechnology jobs.

The hybrid program model combines custom-designed At-Home Science Kits provided to each participant introduce students and mentors to common laboratory techniques, with advanced laboratory workshops taught in person onboard one of Learning Undefeated’s mobile laboratories. Read our blog post to learn more about the laboratory curriculum from our 2021 pilot program.

During virtual sessions, participants heard from female luminaries in the biotechnology fields, many of whom are creating new solutions for DOD and military service members, with a specific focus on highlighting the contributions of Black, Latina, and Indigenous women. Speaker themes focus on unique challenges faced by women in STEM careers, and ways students can build their confidence to overcome barriers that typically discourage women.

The pilot Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program included 72 female participants, ages 14-22. Nearly 40 percent of the participants self-identify as African American or Black, 20 percent Hispanic or Latina, and 30 percent Asian. More than half of participants are currently (or will be) first generation college students, and many are considering med school, biology or engineering related fields of study.