Mobile Laboratory Design & Build Consulting

Learning Undefeated is widely recognized as a thought leader in mobile STEM education. Having built and launched seven successful mobile laboratories on platforms ranging from shipping containers to Class A trailers to motorcoach busses, our team offers invaluable expertise and guidance on a range of design and operational issues.

Let our real-world tested mobile laboratory experts save you time and money!

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Consulting Services: Concept & Proposal Development

  • Expert led mobile laboratory design process
  • Conduct needs analysis including facility size and type, power requirements, transport capabilities
  • Research and recommend vehicle types and vendors
  • Help develop budget and timeline
  • RFP development and proposal analysis

Full Service Project Management

Includes Concepting & Proposal Development (above) plus:

  • Project and budget management
  • Manage design and change orders
  • Vendor and subcontractor sourcing and relationship management
  • Oversee construction plans and timeline
  • Supervise vendor deliverables, including production site check-ins
  • Equipment and supply sourcing

Spending ESSER Funds?

Build a Mobile Laboratory for your School!

Many schools are investing their ESSER Funds in STEM education programming, including mobile laboratories, that to address the impacts COVID-19 has had on K-12 students and educators. ESSER Funds may be used to:

  • Re-engage students and families who were disconnected from the K-12 education system
  • Accelerate learning recovery
  • Support educator access to real-time data to implement personalized instruction

Since 2017, Learning Undefeated has also run the country’s only STEM Education Recovery program, with proven successes. Read our white paper on how mobile STEM education supports learning acceleration and re-engages students with STEM following a traumatic event.