Ivana Bailey, teacher, Ortiz Elementary, Abilene, Texas

I was worried my 5th grade bilingual class wouldn’t be able to enjoy the activity due to the language barrier, BUT I WAS WRONG, AND I AM SO HAPPY I WAS. My proudest moment was one of my female students, telling me “I really liked that, I think I want to be an engineer!”

Gordina Herbert, 12th Grade Student and Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology Mentee

Thank you for being amazing during this program and being of great help. I had this love and hate relationship with labs and you strengthened my love for it. I am very confident taking AP Bio this year and participating in labs … you have definitely made a big difference in my life.

Kyle Reiss, 8th grade teacher at KIPP Liberation College Prep Middle School

The AR sandbox is so much better than having the students try and learn from a worksheet! I love this thing. If they had just learned this from a paper, they would never get it. With the sandbox, they get it 10 times faster.

Victoria Davis, Memphis ISD Teacher

This experience was AMAZING! You two are AMAZING! Keep up the great work inspiring, motivating, educating, school staff and students. This not only was AMAZING for our students, but it was OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING Professional Development for myself and our staff!! Last year we were trying to put together a STEM Lab at Travis Elementary and made a great start, but now I know and the staff knows exactly how everything works!! THANK YOU!!

Profesora América Rainey M.S. Educational Technology 5th-Grade Math & Science Teacher at Binion Elementary

TXSTEM lab was amazing! In cooperative groups, our students were able to use money, budgeting, science, and engineering design to solve a problem… The best 45-minute teacher observation I’ve experienced. Already implemented money and budgeting into my labs.
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Jorge A. Valentine Rodríguez
STEM & CTE Program Manager
Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust

At the start of 2020 Puerto Rico was mostly relieving the uncertainty of dire times when Hurricane Maria hit. A series of earthquakes left more than 17,000 students without the…

Karen Shelton, Science & Technology Internship Program Coordinator
Charles H. Flowers High School, Springdale, Maryland

The question was: how can we deliver hands-on research experience for our students? Learning Undefeated had the answer…. To have the students conduct science research [at home] despite the coronavirus limitations, it really sets them along the path of being not just college and career ready, but college and career STEM ready.

Brian Rosen, Senior Vice President

Learning Undefeated is constantly developing and delivering creative STEM education programs for students. They are quick to market with new ideas, piloting and adapting them in the same ways that R&D researchers would do with a new vaccine. This team is truly transforming how students learn and how they see themselves having STEM careers.

Erin Lukomska-Schlauch, Science Department Chair, Charles Herbert Flowers High School, Springdale, Maryland

We are super excited to have these kits. They are perfect, nice little convenient packages that are very closely related to our curriculum, which is awesome. Our teachers don’t have…
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Felicia J. Martin Latief, Ed.D.
STEM Instructional Supervisor
Prince Georges’ County Public Schools

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing the biology kits to students at DuVal, Flowers, Oxon Hill and Roosevelt. What a game changer!!  This addition will enhance our distance learning and provide the students with experiences that they cannot get from a computer.

Gabby Centeno, first-generation college student and Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program mentor

When high school women get to make that connection with college women, they get to see a little snippet of themselves in the future … Since there are already so many obstacles for women in STEM already, I love that we are united together and all helping each other overcome those obstacles.

MXLab Teacher Participant

This was an excellent hands-on learning experience for our students. The experience your lab provided will be talked about for years to come by these students.

Taylor Bosie, explorer lab mentor

I serve as a mentor because I want other black and brown youths to be excited for STEM just as I am. My most memorable moment was attending an all female class, I was able to answer questions not just about college but about life aspects which allowed me to be a beacon of light for some of the girls.
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Tony Digman, Special Education Instructor, Linganore High School

Learning Undefeated videos are engaging and easily digested by our students, perfect for distance learning.

Jordyn, 8th grade science student, KIPP Liberation College Prep middle school

We were learning about how mountains form, topography and maps. We are diagramming how rain changes and where water flows. Where the land is higher, you’d get more lines if it was further apart you’d get fewer lines. We can see in the valley where water collects from runoff, that was really cool.

explorer lab Student Participant

It gave a real life adventure and it shows that you can create something and explore no matter what you are. Overall, now I might want to be an engineer.

Student, Oakland Mills High School

I felt inspired to work in a STEM related career because, I thought that it was amazing that you could be working in a lab, with cool advanced technology. And while working in the lab, you can create new breakthroughs in science that could help society.

Melissa Gonzales, Refugio (Texas) ISD, Superintendent of Schools

In the midst of widespread devastation and confusion, we have witnessed the best in humanity. One of the finest examples of the blessings we have received is an outpouring of support from Rebuild Texas Fund, Qatar Harvey Fund, and Learning Undefeated.
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Yeldys Milagro de Armas, Student, University of Maryland

Your mobile lab changed my life! I was a student at Watkins Mill High School when the mobile lab came to my school, and my experience on the lab is what caused me to choose a major in a STEM field. Your program really is changing lives!

Kyle Reiss, 8th grade teacher, KIPP Liberation College Prep middle school, Houston, Texas

The AR sandbox is so much better than having the students try and learn from a worksheet! I love this thing. If they had just learned this from a paper,…

Tina Herrington, Superintendent, Wharton ISD

Our kids have been through so much. Having Learning Undefeated in our district was essential to giving our students meaningful and engaging science lessons in a safe environment. We are excited to have them back this year!

Student, Oakland Mills High School

I thought the MXLab was a really fun and interesting experience, especially because it was so interactive too. The instructor explained everything very thoroughly and was very good at making sure everyone understood what she was trying to say.
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Tony Salgado, Assistant Principal, Luther Jackson Middle School

Thank you for making last week at our school so special. Our students were very grateful to have had that experience. They were amazed at the Lab and very excited at the activity.
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Keith Williams, Science Teacher, Woodsboro Junior/Senior High School

The Learning Undefeated mobile lab came to Woodsboro Junior/Senior high school last fall. My classes went the day they were doing DNA separation. The students enjoyed learning about this.
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LaNiece A. Sollock, Director of Curriculum Science/Math K-12, Vidor Independent School District

My school, and my students, have directly benefitted from Learning Undefeated’s education programs since Hurricane Harvey. Vidor ISD lost the use of 2 campuses during Hurricane Harvey that have yet to be repaired. As of February 2017, our district had 1556 students identified as homeless due to Hurricane Harvey, and many of those are still in temporary living situations.
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Student, Oakland Mills High School

The best feature of working on the assignment given with MXLab is that is puts you in a real lab, working with real hemoglobin, and this helps you apply context to your learning.

Dr. JoAnn Suzich, Vice President of Research, MedImmune

If we are to continue to solve the toughest health challenges of tomorrow, we need to cultivate the talent today. I can say with authority that employers will be waiting, but more importantly, patients are waiting. At MedImmune we are driven to create life-saving medicines — a process that does not happen without people who fundamentally love science and live to innovate; programs like ATLAS are critical to nurturing that passion early on so that it can thrive.
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LaTara Harris, Regional Director for External Affairs, AT&T

By supporting groups like MdBio we’re creating opportunities for people to prepare for rewarding careers, especially at a time when so many jobs are unfulfilled in the U.S. today, lacking qualified applicants. We support programs that prepare people for college and careers – especially STEM careers – and MdBio does that and more.
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Neeraj Aggarwal, Program Director of Rebuild Texas Fund

We are excited to be working with MdBio to help communities rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. This hands-on learning laboratory is helping to build resiliency for the children in this community by contributing to their STEM education.

Janice Carroll, Refugio High School, Lead Science Dept.

The students were excited daily to enter the mobile lab and were exposed to a variety of experiments. I remember one of the most exciting days was when they solved the mystery of the broken beaker! They were meticulous at all data collecting and were on task to solve the mystery.
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Kemia Cleveland, explorer lab mentor

The reason why I serve as a mentor for the [Learning Undefeated] Explorer Lab is to be a great example to young kids to show them that it’s cool to be smart and also be an athlete.​ The most memorable moment I had was when I got to share with the class of young girls what it’s like being a girl scout and a chemistry major. The things I’m able to take away from working as a mentor is patience and understanding and leadership skills.
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Beth Foster, Science Academic Chair, Annapolis High School

I wanted to thank you and your crew for the great week we had with the Bio Lab. It could not have gone any better – from the site prep and the drop off, to the experience provided for our students. We wanted access for all students, and we received more than we could hope for!
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Charlotte Dorsey, Executive Director, Just Do It Now Community Center

The mobile science lab was a life changing experience for our children this summer! Josiah failed science in school last year and the science part of the STAR test as well. He was frustrated and hated science for this reason. Josiah is a very intelligent child but for some reason science was a struggle for him.
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TeErica Tatum, explorer lab mentor

I serve as a Learning Undefeated mentor to strengthen my communication skills and continue to perfect my adaptability skills. Not only do I strive for human connectivity with the children, but I also believe in the importance of education. I want children to know about college and the possibilities it opens up for them.
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Maya Jones, explorer lab mentor

I serve as a mentor for the [Learning Undefeated] Explorer Lab because I enjoy being with kids. I think it’s important to have young adults like myself encourage kids to go to college and pursue promising careers. My most memorable moment during a school visit was introducing myself to the middle school class.
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Steve Coats, Vice President, External Science Strategy, MedImmune

Partnering with MdBio Foundation not only offers an opportunity to propel and motivate the next generation of STEM visionaries, but provides MedImmune scientists and professionals a chance to support innovation in the community — inspiring students through their own experiences. It makes a difference!

Melissa Sandlin, Manager, Corporate Citizenship – Eastern Region, Northrop Grumman Corporation

We are very excited to partner with MdBio Foundation to support the MXLab. At Northrop Grumman Corporation we’re dedicated to fostering the next generation of STEM professionals. The commitment and the quality and the rigor of MdBio’s content has us very excited to connect with the organization and be able to bring classroom learning to life.

Biology Teacher, Reservoir High School

This is such a golden opportunity for us. We talk about science and a lot of times we are playing make-believe scientists in the classroom, but when they’re here they ARE scientists. They are doing real science and that’s just such an impactful moment for them.

Kiran Chodavarapu, Process Innovation Leader, WR Grace

MdBio Foundation does all of the hard work in marketing, communicating and then working with the students to get them excited about STEM. I am honored to support your mission and speak to students about my career path. Unlike so many other projects or endeavors, the results of STEM education span generations.

Kiara McClue, explorer lab mentor

I serve as a mentor for the [Learning Undefeated] Explorer Lab because I enjoy working with children, and I enjoy seeing them learn in a positive way. My most memorable moment during a school visit is when the children were happy at the end and gave the mentors a hug when they were leaving.
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High School Student, Prince George’s County

ATLAS is awesome. I came here today thinking about a career in either IT or mechanical engineering. After talking to some people, I’m definitely leaning more toward mechanical engineering. I definitely plan on going to the next event in the spring.

Girl Scout Leader, Prince George’s County

ATLAS is a great event. I brought my Girl Scout troop today, and these girls are 9th through 12th grades. I told them what STEM is and they were excited to see what career opportunities are available to them. We had four other events to choose from today, and the girls chose this one.

Science Teacher, Potomac High School

MdBio’s events help students realize that science is a friendly environment, and give students a chance to see all of the STEM career options they have, which can be cool and fun. Students can see that they really can work with all of the things they learn about in class.

High School Student, Prince George’s County

I want to be a veterinarian, and I got information about vet schools and about what being a veterinarian is like. This event has been really fun for me and my friends.

High School Parent, Montgomery County

My son is in 10th grade, so it’s time that he start thinking about what he wants to do for a career. The ATLAS event is perfect for him. He was able to explore a lot of different careers and talk to colleges about what types of programs they offer. He’s thinking about aerospace engineering, so the seed has been planted!

Neil Davey, 2014 Maryland BioGENEius Challenge Winner

It allowed me to see that even as a high-schooler I can do research and do something useful. It also gives me more motivation to study science and biology.

Jay P. Siegel, M.D., Janssen Research & Development, LLC

Through the BioGENEius Challenge, students gain an appreciation for the fascinating aspects of scientific experimentation and the tremendous potential for biotechnology to continue to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Jeffrey Almond, Ph.D., Sanofi Pasteur

At a time when the U.S. is struggling to engage students in the sciences, the BioGENEius Challenge has found a way to encourage those students who are excited about biotechnology to reach for the next level.

Jennie C. Hunter-Cevera, Ph.D., microbiologist

Rapid advances in science and technology demand educational programs like MdBioLab that are responsive and accessible.

Claire Sargo, Mount de Sales Academy

Women are an underrepresented population in the sciences. With activities like [the MdBioLab] women can become more confident going into science careers.

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer

The MDBioLab is an outstanding example of innovative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs that enrich our students’ education and provide them with the skills they need to compete for the jobs of tomorrow.

Leah Warble, Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts

The excitement of feeling like a real scientist, even just a change in what they are wearing, wearing goggles and blue gloves … Being allowed to handle this kind of situation makes them more responsible for the work because they are now intrigued in doing it and they feel respected and responsible since we gave them those opportunities.