Drop Anywhere Labs

Drop Anywhere Labs provide flexible mobile classroom and laboratory space for middle schools. The immersive learning environment provides authentic, real-world learning co-developed with teachers and STEM industry subject matter experts to introduce students to high-paying, high-demand careers while building teacher capacity in STEM. The program offers students game-based and hands on experiential learning without leaving the school parking lot. The program offers educators access to research-grade equipment and technology for their classrooms, one on one professional development, and in-class assistance to build teacher capacity and confidence with advanced equipment and techniques.

The two-part Drop Anywhere Lab student experience uses game-based learning to explore chemical and physical changes, and continues in the classroom with extension activities that allow students to continue exploring the topic and related content through hands-on laboratory investigations. This program is composed of two parts:

  1. An onboard student game experience
  2. Classroom resources and curriculum for teacher use

Part One: Onboard the Drop Anywhere Lab

Learning Undefeated’s onboard Chemical & Physical Changes Experience* takes place inside the shipping container and uses immersive reality, light, sound, touchscreen walls, and interactive gameplay to build understanding of chemistry concepts. Through interactive game play and team collaboration, students will view and collect information about a reaction. As a group, students make claims and use evidence to form arguments as to whether a presented reaction was physical or chemical. The experience uses projection mapping and interactive screens to provide students with an immersive game experience.

Onboard Game Experience Specifications

  • Student Capacity: up to 10 participants (may be fewer depending on health restrictions at the time)
  • Grade Levels: 6 – 8
  • Experience Runtime: 20 min
  • Average length of visit: one week per school
  • Led by Learning Undefeated educators

*Additional experiences currently in development by Learning Undefeated include an Immersive Escape Room Experience applying the practices of science and engineering.

Part Two: Drop Anywhere Lab In-Classroom Program Details

The onboard experience is accompanied by a micro mobile lab that is deployed inside the school to support grades 6-8 classroom instruction led by the teacher. These activities provide authentic, real-world learning co-developed with teachers and STEM industry subject matter experts.

The In-classroom program is accompanied by research-grade equipment and technology via mobile micro labs that travel into the classroom and remain there for the teachers to use while the Drop Anywhere Lab is in the parking lot. One-on-one professional development and in-class assistance are provided to build teacher capacity and confidence with advanced equipment and techniques.

In Classroom Experience Specifications

  • Student Capacity: 40
  • Grade levels: 6 – 8
  • Activity Runtime : 45-60 min
  • Led by classroom teachers, following professional development from Learning Undefeated’s educators

2021/22 School Year Status

The Drop Anywhere Lab will be serving Wilmington, Delaware area schools for Fall 2021. Contact Jen Colvin to learn more and register your school for a visit.

For teachers in other locations, we hope to be able to add capacity for additional visits later in the school year. Please sign up for our wait list and we will contact you should a mobile laboratory visit become available.

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