New Digital STEM Learning Program for Grades 6-12

As a trusted resource for teachers for nearly 20 years, Learning Undefeated is converting our rigorous laboratory investigation curriculum to quickly deploy authentic STEM distance learning resources online. Our distance learning program provides turnkey experiences for teachers to use in their own digital classrooms. Program components include real-time, mobile-friendly access to standards-aligned laboratory investigations, multimedia STEM resources, collaborative assignment tools, and interactive assessments.

Content and activities on this page are being updated several times per week; please check back soon for additional activities. Our mobile laboratory curriculum is also available for teachers to use in their digital classrooms.

Science Educators in Your Digital Classroom
Learning Undefeated’s science educators are available to participate in your digital classroom as a guest speaker or to answer student questions over videochat. Our team has backgrounds in biology, chemistry, environmental science, neuroscience, genomics, and more!

Publication Schedule

Week of June 1, 2020

TUESDAY: Chemical and Physical Changes
Grades: Middle School
Topics: Chemical changes, physical changes

THURSDAY: Radon and Lung Cancer
Grades: Middle School
Topics: Cancer, engineering, environmental causes