I was worried my 5th grade bilingual class wouldn’t be able to enjoy the activity due to the language barrier, BUT I WAS WRONG, AND I AM SO HAPPY I WAS. My proudest moment was one of my female students, telling me “I really liked that, I think I want to be an engineer!”

Ivana Bailey, teacher, Ortiz Elementary, Abilene, Texas

Thank you for being amazing during this program and being of great help. I had this love and hate relationship with labs and you strengthened my love for it. I am very confident taking AP Bio this year and participating in labs … you have definitely made a big difference in my life.

Gordina Herbert, 12th Grade Student and Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology Mentee

TXSTEM lab was amazing! In cooperative groups, our students were able to use money, budgeting, science, and engineering design to solve a problem… The best 45-minute teacher observation I’ve experienced. Already implemented money and budgeting into my labs.
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Profesora América Rainey M.S. Educational Technology 5th-Grade Math & Science Teacher at Binion Elementary

Learning Undefeated is constantly developing and delivering creative STEM education programs for students. They are quick to market with new ideas, piloting and adapting them in the same ways that R&D researchers would do with a new vaccine. This team is truly transforming how students learn and how they see themselves having STEM careers.

Brian Rosen, Senior Vice President<br>Novavax

When high school women get to make that connection with college women, they get to see a little snippet of themselves in the future … Since there are already so many obstacles for women in STEM already, I love that we are united together and all helping each other overcome those obstacles.

Gabby Centeno, first-generation college student and Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program mentor