New for Fall 2019: Drop Anywhere Labs

Our newest concept in mobile STEM education, Drop Anywhere LabsTM are custom outfitted STEM learning spaces built from modified shipping containers.

Smaller, lighter, and less expensive than trailer labs, Drop Anywhere Labs offer a blend of career and skills education, providing flexible in-classroom resources that empower teachers and serve up to four classes simultaneously.

  • Innovative, multipurpose use customized shipping container.
  • Scalable, cost-effective science and technology resources for schools during times of crisis, catastrophe, and disaster relief.
  • Immersive onboard career exploration experience, centered around in demand STEM jobs.
  • Provide sophisticated laboratory equipment and resources for teachers to facilitate experiential learning in their classroom.

Curriculum Content Area

Science & Health: chemistry, biology, physics, and environmental science

Advanced Manufacturing: makerspace resources that offer exploration in product and process technologies, robotics, automation, and other high value industries

Environmental Sustainability: exploring sustainability, including renewable energy, recycling, energy performance, green certifications, and managing environmental impacts in industry

Technology: skills-based learning using advanced technology in computer science, cyber security, and health IT

Design, Construction & Engineering: authentic learning combining mathematics, science, and technology to produce creative solutions to real world problems in construction, design and infrastructure

Energy: math and technology skills specific to utility training

Lab Equipment & Resources

Engineering and technology equipment and software, including laptops, mobile devices, force plates, virtual reality headsets, AutoCAD, GIS, wind turbines, and volt meters

Biology equipment, including microscopes, agarose gel electrophoresis, dissecting kits, and microcentrifuges

Chemistry equipment, including titration burettes, pH meters, thermometers, heat plates, and scales

General laboratory equipment, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), micropipettes and tips, graduated cylinders, scales, reagents, test tubes and racks, heat blocks, incubator, and more.

What Does This Container Do?

Hands-on in the classroom Transport classroom resource carts for experiential learning led by teachers inside the school

Immersive career exploration Offers onboard immersive multisensory career exploration experiences

On-site support staff On-site support staff to assist teachers

Disaster recovery for schools Temporary laboratory teaching space and resources for schools to use in times of disaster recovery

Modular Units may be used individually or together depending on a school’s needs

Greater impact Moving resources into the classroom and teachers’ hands allows for greater capacity, empowering educators, and service multiple classrooms at the same time

Drop Anywhere Labs will be serving Texas middle schools for the 2019/20 school year.

To schedule a Drop Anywhere Lab for your Texas middle school, contact Fancy Flores.

Opportunities to fund the first generation of this new lab concept are available! Drop Anywhere Labs can be custom-built for your location and content areas, and offer a turnkey corporate education investment.

To learn more about Drop Anywhere Labs, contact Alejandro Cardemil.

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