MdBioLab: Vehicle of Change

2018/19 School Year

MdBioLab is currently in Texas, serving schools impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Learn more about our Learning Undefeated program >

Maryland schools may request a visit from the Mobile eXploration Lab, the country’s largest mobile STEM education classroom on wheels.

MdBioLab, part of Learning Undefeated’s larger strategy to increase student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers, is a custom-built mobile laboratory that serves high school students, and their teachers, throughout the state of Maryland. MdBioLab’s goal is to increase student knowledge and confidence with laboratory concepts and techniques while alleviating the budgetary burdens of laboratory science on schools. It also works to increase self-efficacy for educators who may struggle with the advanced concepts, theories, and equipment used in laboratory science.

MdBioLab has provided quality educational experiences to more than 150,000 students throughout the state of Maryland since its launch in 2003. The program has shown statistically significant increases in student knowledge of science concepts as well as gains at improving attitudes towards STEM as a field of study and STEM-related careers. Learning Undefeated’s education programs are popular with both students and teachers, and each year demand increases for school visits. Most notably, the mobile laboratory’s request-based schedule filled in less than 20 minutes for the 2015-16 school year, with more than 90 requests from high schools for only 35 available visits.

See MdBioLab in Action