STEM jobs are important to the innovation economy that powers us forward as a nation. Our homebase of the Washington, DC/Baltimore corridor has the second-highest concentration of STEM jobs in the country with more than one million jobs in growing fields such as biohealth, IT, and cybersecurity. Many other STEM hotspots exist across the country.

And, yet, we are struggling to produce graduates who are prepared for STEM careers: in the US, job postings outnumber qualified STEM workers nearly two to one. To maintain and grow our STEM companies, there is a critical need to recruit students to fill the growing number innovative career opportunities.

Inspiring Students to STEM Careers

Our program inspires students to imagine their own success in STEM and STEM careers by providing relatable STEM role models from within the students’ own community. We use the near-peer mentorship model to engage and excite students, inspiring them by giving them access to successful STEM professionals they can relate to.

Showcasing STEM Careers

Our curriculum allows students of all ages – including adult learners – to explore STEM careers that provide well-paying, stable jobs with unlimited personal and professional opportunities. Each of Learning Undefeated’s mobile education programs include a STEM careers component, providing students with resources to understand their career opportunities regardless of whether they intend to study STEM in college or go directly into a technical job.

The Young Science Explorers Program (YSEP) offers rising seventh and eighth grade students a first-hand look at STEM jobs through field trips. We reach unemployed and underemployed adults through our partnership with the Maryland Tech Connection, and educate the public about STEM careers at community outreach events.