Here at Learning Undefeated, we are always looking for ways to make STEM experiences both easily accessible and fun!

This holiday season our team of professional science educators (who also double as super parents, the cool aunts and uncles, and big siblings) compiled the Top 20 STEM toys under $25. While many of the STEM toys on the market tend to be pricier, we believe that you can play (and learn!) for less. As a trusted resource for teachers for over 20 years working with 50,000+ students per year, we can confidently say we know what kids like!

Our VP of Education, Jennifer Colvin, says it best, “Learning experiences outside the classroom benefit kids’ academic development in so many ways, from building confidence with STEM subjects and nurturing their sense of empowerment, to making connections between theoretical material learned in the classroom with real-world play. STEM toys that are both educational and fun don’t have to break the bank. Our list of STEM toys under $25 provides hands-on learning at a reasonable price point for parents.”

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This is the perfect kit for budding scientists. It includes everything they need to perform experiments, including a beaker, magnifier, safety glasses, and even a lab coat!  


Why We Dig It: The set teaches kids about the chemistry behind the magic of color all while using safe, non-toxic chemicals. Spark your kids’ imagination.


Ages: 4-6

Price: $24.99

This toy is a great way to introduce STEM concepts to young children and get them curious about how things are created from an early age. It allows them to take apart and put together toys that they would already play with. 


Why We Dig It: The little screwdrivers fit perfectly into a four-year-old’s hands, so they can unscrew the different parts all by themselves.


Ages: 4-5

Price: $20.99

Kids will be in awe as the ocean comes to life right in front of their eyes! They will see sharks, octopuses, killer whales, and even sea turtles all in the comfort of their homes with these AR cards. The kit comes with 24 cards and 18 image cards. 


Why We Dig It: It’s an awesome opportunity to turn screen time into quality time by learning about the ocean in a fun and interactive way.


Ages: 4+

Price: $14.99

This learning puzzle teaches kids critical and creative skills as they try and solve one of 12 puzzle patterns. 


Why We Dig It: This toy will keep little ones busy for hours with no Wi-Fi or parent help required!


Ages: 4+

Price: $13.99

Another great find for younger geniuses. This toy involves coding challenges for kids to enjoy, including coding the dog to play fetch and hide & seek.


Why We Dig It: Kids will use their critical thinking skills while also engaging their imaginations.


Ages: 4+

Price: $23

From the award-winning Electro Dough series, this game provides the opportunity to teach kids about electricity and circuits through fun play-led learning. The kit contains everything children need to have amazing playtime experiences straight out of the box. 


Why We Dig It: All of the activities in the Electro Dough series are designed in line with the U.S. school curriculum for K-5 grades – making them perfect for homeschooling, home learning, or just playtime fun!


Ages: 4+, but best suited for 8-10

Price: $24.99

Children will develop critical skills with Robot Turtles, a game where players learn key programming principles in a simple way. It was designed by programming expert Dan Shapiro and was the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history when first released. 


Why We Dig It: Robot Turtles was designed for parents and children to have a fun play experience together, so it will be a gift the whole family will enjoy.


Ages: 4+

Price: $24.99

This engineering and design kit will teach your kids how to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills all while building their own city! With 100 pieces, your little engineers can build whatever they imagine. 


Why We Dig It: This toy offers a unique way to challenge logic, problem solving, creativity, and use engineering skills.


Ages: 5+

Price: $20.99

Kids will learn about weather through this exciting activity kit. They will experiment with static electricity, create their own water cycle model and even make clouds in the palms of their hands.


Why We Dig It: Children walk away from playtime understanding how real-world weather works!


Ages: 5+, but best suited for independent play at 8+

Price: $12.99

Kids can learn about the functions of ecosystems and how to care for them, while working on their creativity in creating a beautiful scene for the whole family to enjoy. 


Why We Dig It: This fun spin on the classic Terrarium is both educational and a great decoration kids can be proud of!


Ages: 6+

Price: $14.99

This kit comes with a chemistry set that can be used for over 50 science projects! With 16 out-of-the-box experiments (and instructions for 34 more), the possibilities are endless. 


Why We Dig It: The sheer number of experiments! This would be a gift that would keep giving, even after others lose their luster.


Ages: 7+

Price: $19.97

The innovative platform allows children to make their own video game! Kids can watch their game world come to life as they create and animate play spaces, characters and objects because they are the artist, game designer, storyteller, programmer, publisher and player.


Why We Dig It: Many kids love to play video games, but not many understand how they’re made. This will give them a window into the world of one of their favorite activities and perhaps introduce them to a new STEM career.


Ages: 8+

Price: $15.99

ThinkBox’s Inventors’ Box comes with over 700 pieces for children to use, along with everyday items, to create unique and useful inventions. 


Why We Dig It: Kids can follow along with the provided guide or think of their own inventions!


Age: 8+

Price: $24.99

Kids can build their own working hydraulic robotic arm with this Thinkbox kit, all the while learning the basics of physics and engineering.


Why We Dig It: This is an affordable introduction to robotics, especially for younger scientists.


Ages: 8+

Price: $12.99

With 30+ electric parts, Snap Circuits contains more than 100 fun electronic projects for kids to try out. The system teaches electronics, circuits and problem-solving skills.


Why We Dig It: Young engineers receive hands-on education in how electrical circuits work to run the everyday devices that they’re familiar with.


Ages: 8+

Price: $20.99

Asteroid Escape is a great way for the family to engage in science together. Learn about space and asteroid navigation through this fun interactive puzzle. 


Why We Dig It: Not only is it entertaining and challenging, it’s also compact and great for holiday season travel!


Ages: 8+

Price: $14.99

Young scientists can put their skills to work and catch the bad guys with this new science kit. It includes two mysteries, along with eight activities, that involve matching DNA and decoding secret messages. 


Why We Dig It: The kit allows kids to do the actual work a forensic scientist does, introducing them to a new STEM career path.


Ages: 8+

Price: $18

This gear building set comes with 140+ pieces for every little engineering student to explore. The experiment guide is aligned with national STEM standards and is appropriate for grade levels 3-5. 


Why We Dig It: Families can take skill-building further with the downloadable booklet that guides children through three hands-on, inquiry-based experiments on each of the models.

Ages: 8+

Price: $14.99

This toy provides an environmentally-friendly way to introduce kids to hydropower, the engineering of rockets, and space technology. Families can save money and the environment through this fun experiment.


Why We Dig It: This kit is ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those interested in rocketry and space flight.


Ages: 10+

Price: $21.00

KiwiCo allows parents to choose a line of projects that align with certain scientific interests, and delivers crates chock full of goodies for children to explore. With designs made for all ages, families can subscribe to deliver the crates monthly.


Why We Dig It: This is an affordable, monthly subscription that will keep curious-minded kids entertained and engaged in learning.


Ages: All Ages

Price: $19.95