Corporate Administration

The business of bioscience is just that, a business. And like all businesses, there are people at every bioscience company whose jobs are to handle the business aspects of the organization. In areas ranging from accounting to operations, every company has a broad range of people whose job it is to keep the business running. While the employees working in these areas are not typically involved in actual science, their roles are just as vital to the scientific work being done by the company because without their efforts there would be no company and therefore no science being done.

These are often people who may still have a passion for science but are perhaps more interested in the business of running a company than they are in working at a lab bench. Operations personnel, for instance, ensure an organization has everything it needs to run efficiently and effectively. Individuals working in operations have a wide range of responsibilities from setting up and maintaining the company’s computer network, to creating the system for monitoring and controlling access to sensitive areas.

Opportunities in the business end of bioscience companies are not only abundant, but they include a wide range of educational backgrounds. A data entry position in the accounting department requires a 2-year Associate’s degree, while an assistant facilities manager position may only require a high school or trade school degree.

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