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From the Chesapeake Bay to the Gulf of Mexico, Learning Undefeated had an extraordinary year bringing our flagship mobile laboratory programming to students, educators, and communities across the country. Our team visited more than 100 schools across six states in 2023, preparing 160,000 students for future STEM careers. Join us as we reflect on a year of accomplishments and growth.

Under the Hood on the Award-Winning Breakout Box

Imagine stumbling upon an abandoned lab in your school parking lot. Feeling brave, you step inside and a robot avatar asks for your help to restore the power so they can complete their research. Oh, and the clock is ticking: only 20 minutes remain before the data is lost forever! This futuristic scenario is just one of several immersive learning challenges playing out across the country in Learning Undefeated’s Breakout Box game series.

Empowering Communities Through User-Driven STEM Programs

From Maine to Arizona, communities are reaching out to Learning Undefeated for help launching mobile STEM programs. As consultants, Learning Undefeated’s experts advise on mobile lab design and operations while working alongside community stakeholders to build legacy programs that will continue to serve the community for many years.

The Future is Now: AI & Hypersonics Activities Take Flight Onboard MXLab

It’s not science fiction, three brand new activities are bringing artificial intelligence (AI) and hypersonics to the high school parking lot. Working with AI, in two new activities students explore machine learning and problem-solve issues of data class bias. To relate the highly advanced concept of hypersonics to real life, high school students complete an engineering design challenge to see which combination of materials works best for astronaut re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere.

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