The AR sandbox is so much better than having the students try and learn from a worksheet! I love this thing. If they had just learned this from a paper, they would never get it. With the sandbox, they get it 10 times faster.

Kyle Reiss, 8th grade teacher at KIPP Liberation College Prep Middle School

This experience was AMAZING! You two are AMAZING! Keep up the great work inspiring, motivating, educating, school staff and students. This not only was AMAZING for our students, but it was OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING Professional Development for myself and our staff!! Last year we were trying to put together a STEM Lab at Travis Elementary and made a great start, but now I know and the staff knows exactly how everything works!! THANK YOU!!

Victoria Davis, Memphis ISD Teacher

TXSTEM lab was amazing! In cooperative groups, our students were able to use money, budgeting, science, and engineering design to solve a problem. So many TEKS built into one lab. A win for teacher PD too. The best 45-minute teacher observation I’ve experienced. Already implemented money and budgeting into my labs. Thank you for this opportunity. read more

Profesora América Rainey M.S. Educational Technology 5th-Grade Math & Science Teacher at Binion Elementary

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing the biology kits to students at DuVal, Flowers, Oxon Hill and Roosevelt. What a game changer!!  This addition will enhance our distance learning and provide the students with experiences that they cannot get from a computer.

Felicia J. Martin Latief, Ed.D.
STEM Instructional Supervisor
Prince Georges’ County Public Schools

This was an excellent hands-on learning experience for our students. The experience your lab provided will be talked about for years to come by these students.

MXLab Teacher Participant