The AR sandbox is so much better than having the students try and learn from a worksheet! I love this thing. If they had just learned this from a paper, they would never get it. With the [Contour] sandbox, they get it 10 times faster.

Kyle Reiss, 8th grade teacher, KIPP Liberation College Prep middle school, Houston, Texas

Our kids have been through so much. Having Learning Undefeated in our district was essential to giving our students meaningful and engaging science lessons in a safe environment. We are excited to have them back this year!

Tina Herrington, Superintendent, Wharton ISD

I thought the MXLab was a really fun and interesting experience, especially because it was so interactive too. The instructor explained everything very thoroughly and was very good at making sure everyone understood what she was trying to say.
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Student, Oakland Mills High School

Thank you for making last week at our school so special. Our students were very grateful to have had that experience. They were amazed at the Lab and very excited at the activity.
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Tony Salgado, Assistant Principal, Luther Jackson Middle School

The Learning Undefeated mobile lab came to Woodsboro Junior/Senior high school last fall. My classes went the day they were doing DNA separation. The students enjoyed learning about this.
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Keith Williams, Science Teacher, Woodsboro Junior/Senior High School