Authentic STEM Experiences

A look at Learning Undefeated’s 2018 Young Science Explorer’s Program (YSEP) Baltimore camp.

This summer, Learning Undefeated is reinventing summer STEM experiences by offering the At-Home Explorers: Digital STEM Summer Camp program. These programs are for young learners grades 3-6. 

Please contact Benedetta Naglieri for any questions.

Our At-Home Explorers curriculum is also available for partner organizations to implement. If you want to host an At-Home Explorers camp session, please contact Alejandro Cardemil for partnership information.

New for 2020: Learning Undefeated introduces At-Home Explorers: Digital STEM Summer Camp, a program that engages young learners with high-energy science demonstration shows, at-home science experiments, and hands-on investigations that can be performed without screens.

In partnership with community serving organizations including the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County, Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Baltimore, and the Bender Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, Learning Undefeated is keeping students connected to STEM learning during the summer.

Each day, campers are introduced to a different STEM topic – including chemical reactions, properties of matter, and forces and motion – then spend the day exploring concepts in games, experiments, and challenges. Learning Undefeated’s professional educators guide students every step of the way, using both large and small group settings that allow for detailed, individualized instruction and peer-to-peer interaction. Campers even receive an At-Home Science kit that contains the supplies needed to turn their homes into a hands-on science station.

Activity Overview

Day 1: Shape Shifters: Chemical and Physical Changes

Campers learn about reactions and the differences between a chemical change and a physical change. Learning Undefeated’s educators will demonstrate the explosive “Elephant Toothpaste” lab activity. Campers will perform a chemical reaction-in-a-bag lab where they observe the properties of a vinegar and baking soda reaction.

Day 2: Pliable Polymers

Campers learn about chemical bonds using the examples of polymers. Educators will demonstrate the messy and unpredictable “Oobleck” lab, and campers will learn about the properties of slime as they make their own.

Day 3: Sour or Slippery? Properties of Acids and Bases

Campers learn about the differences between acids and bases and learn the pH scale. Learning Undefeated’s educators will demonstrate how pH indicators work and teach students how to create their own pH indicator. Campers will test different household Items to see if they are acidic or basic.

Day 4: Delightful Density: How Liquids Interact

Campers are introduced to the concept of density and how liquids with different densities interact. Educators will dazzle campers with a “Density Rainbow” experiment, and students will apply these principles in the creation of their own lava lamps at home.

Day 5: Radical Rockets

Campers will learn about Newton’s Third Law and how it applies to the engineering of rockets. Campers will participate in a demo of a Whoosh Rocket, then build their own balloon rockets to see Newton’s Third Law in action.