Learning Undefeated’s Magic School Bus Visits Austin, Texas

In full ’90s nostalgic fashion, the ‘Mobile eXploration Lab’ (MXLab) is bringing the Magic School Bus to life for some Central Texas students. The MXLab is a mobile classroom designed to introduce students to careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Inside are activities that promote critical thinking, scientific processes and hands-on learning for all grade levels.

High Point, Texas Elementary Experiences Mobile Learning

Over 400 kindergarten through fifth grade students at High Point Elementary were able to board the Texas Mobile STEM Lab where they are able to work cooperatively with other students to design a STEM project activity developed by Learning Undefeated, with support from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Students were read the story of the Three Little Pigs told from the perspective of the “Big Bad Wolf.” Instructors Katie Askelson and Desurae Matthews challenged the students to design and construct a home that could withstand the powerful sneeze of the wolf.