Nurturing Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology & DOD STEM Careers

The Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program was created in 2021 to connect young women with biotechnology content and inspire them towards high-demand DOD careers. “When high school women get to make that connection with college women, they get to see a little snippet of themselves in the future,” said Gabriella Centeno, a rising sophomore majoring in biology at Montgomery College, who is serving as a mentor in the Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program. “That not only inspires them, but it also empowers them to do the best that they can, take as many opportunities as they want, and enjoy their full right of whatever their self-discovery is.

Mobile lab brings STEM hands-on classes to El Paso school

“This Texas mobile STEM lab is the perfect opportunity for kids to come in, use the engineering design process and to solve real-world problems for the future,” said science teacher Leslie Hess. The future engineers are already on the right track thanks to organizations like Learning Undefeated who are making sure opportunities are available to as many Texas kids as possible.

Texas Mobile STEM Lab Visits Graham ISD

By Emily Bjorklund | read it > GRAHAM, Texas (TNN) – If you’re driving by Graham Junior High School this week, you’ll notice a big blue trailer sitting in the gymnasium parking lot. Inside: a hands-on mobile STEM experience that travels all across the state bringing that kind of education to rural school districts. “It’s…

Mobile STEM unit stops by King Middle School

Beaumont was the latest stop of the mobile STEM lab created by Learning Undefeated, a Maryland-based non-profit that has partnered with the Texas Education Agency to provide STEM exposure to underserved communities. “What we are doing here is going across the state of Texas providing students with hands-on STEM,” Desurae Matthews, the Education Program Lead for Learning Undefeated, told The Enterprise. “We are trying to introduce them to science at a young age.”