Hands-On STEM Summer Camps Reengage Students in Learning following Challenging School Year

Over 200 students across three states — some as young as five years old! — participated in education recovery summer camps during summer 2021. Learning Undefeated’s disaster recovery education program emphasizes engaging, hands-on STEM learning experiences designed to help students re-engage with learning during a time when disaster-related stresses are incredibly real. The Young Science Explorers program reengaged students in learning and provided them with real-world STEM experiences.

Nonprofit Offers Free STEM Summer Camp for Baltimore City school students

A local nonprofit is offering free STEM summer camp to Baltimore City public school students. The Young Science Explorers program is a two week, intensive camp ideal for rising middle school students (grades 6-8), that engages students with STEM topics onboard Learning Undefeated’s immersive mobile laboratories. The camp also features hands-on laboratory investigations in the classroom plus high-energy science demonstrations.

A ‘magic’ school bus brings science class to schools in need

Students learn a little about each of the planets before they land on planet Mars. Along they also learn to solve problems that astronauts could face on a journey into space. “It was more really about problem solving and using the strategies in the tech and science design process,” teacher Katheryn Spivey, the school’s science and technology content specialist, said. “They’re learning, reminding themselves of the science concepts like what do you need to survive ,like oxygen and water, and they talked about chemistry so it actually ties into all of the middle school science program.”

Nonprofit Deploys Mobile STEM Laboratory as COVID-19 Testing Site

It’s not unusual to see a bright blue shipping container traveling around the streets of Washington, DC, but this Saturday the Drop Anywhere Lab operated by nonprofit Learning Undefeated was on the road for a different purpose: as a pop-up testing site for COVID-19. At a community health event sponsored by United Healthcare last Saturday,…

Contour AR Sandbox Makes Topography Interactive

Literally breaking new ground on a fun, interactive way of teaching topography, Learning Undefeated’s Contour Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox brings landscapes to life by augmenting sand in real-time with an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water. The Contour AR Sandbox teaches geographic, geologic, and hydrologic concepts that support student learning in reading…