Nurturing Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology & DOD STEM Careers

The Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program was created in 2021 to connect young women with biotechnology content and inspire them towards high-demand DOD careers. “When high school women get to make that connection with college women, they get to see a little snippet of themselves in the future,” said Gabriella Centeno, a rising sophomore majoring in biology at Montgomery College, who is serving as a mentor in the Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program. “That not only inspires them, but it also empowers them to do the best that they can, take as many opportunities as they want, and enjoy their full right of whatever their self-discovery is.

Defense STEM Education Consortium Welcomes Four New Innovation Partners

The Defense Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Education Consortium (DSEC), supported by U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), has selected four new organizations — including Learning Undefeated — to include in DSEC’s Innovation Bloc Funding for 2021. The selected programs will support the Department’s efforts to strengthen career pathways among military-connected students and groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM, as well as one of its modernization priorities, biotechnology.

STEM Spotlight, Eric Hernandez

Learning Undefeated’s STEM Spotlight series features young professionals from diverse backgrounds who are working to make a difference in science, business, medicine, engineering, and technology fields. Each short video includes a profile of the job role and information about how they came to be interested in STEM. STEM Spotlight, Eric Hernandez Deputy Technical Director Lockheed…