A ‘magic’ school bus brings science class to schools in need

Students learn a little about each of the planets before they land on planet Mars. Along they also learn to solve problems that astronauts could face on a journey into space. “It was more really about problem solving and using the strategies in the tech and science design process,” teacher Katheryn Spivey, the school’s science and technology content specialist, said. “They’re learning, reminding themselves of the science concepts like what do you need to survive ,like oxygen and water, and they talked about chemistry so it actually ties into all of the middle school science program.”

Operation Polar Eye: Learning Undefeated Designs Computational Thinking Activity Based on Northrop Grumman’s Environmental Technology

Non-profit organization Learning Undefeated has partnered with Northrop Grumman to create a hands-on computational thinking activity for high school students focused on real-world environmental technology. Operation Polar Eye: Think Like a Drone is a new addition to Learning Undefeated’s Anywhere Labs digital learning portfolio, available at no cost teachers and students. The collaboration is based…