Local Nonprofit partners with Department of Defense for STEM Mentorship Program

Local nonprofit Learning Undefeated has partnered with the Department of Defense to create a mentor program for high school and college girls interested in STEM careers. Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology connects college and high school women to provide them with skills, knowledge, and support to pursue careers in biotechnology.

Nurturing Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology & DOD STEM Careers

“When high school women get to make that connection with college women, they get to see a little snippet of themselves in the future,” said Gabriella Centeno, a rising sophomore majoring in biology at Montgomery College, who is serving as a mentor in the Emerging Leaders in Biotechnology program. “That not only inspires them, but it also empowers them to do the best that they can, take as many opportunities as they want, and enjoy their full right of whatever their self-discovery is.

Maryland students targeted for mobile health competition

Maryland high school and college students can create innovative solutions to healthcare challenges such as chronic-decease management or patient-provider information exchange through a competition organized by MdBio Foundation, the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business Center for Health Information and Decision Systems (CHIDS), the Maryland Health Tech Coalition and leading information technology companies. In…

Johns Hopkins Summer Jobs/ Youth Programs

Johns Hopkins has great youth programs to introduce science and medicine into the community.  Through their Project R.E.A.C.H/Community Education Programs, Johns Hopkins has been giving students opportunities to get hands-on experience in areas that they may not have had connections to otherwise. They also have an excellent summer job program (JHSJP) that is a paid…