Texas Mobile STEM Lab Makes a Stop at Hearne Elementary

The mobile STEM lab is traveling across Texas to provide science, technology, engineering and math experiences to students. During the STEM lab’s visit, Hearne Elementary students learned about invasive species, circuits, and biomimicry. Students removed “lettuce seeds” from turf grass, created a wiggling robot that lights up, and constructed a prosthetic hand inspired by nature.

Learning Undefeated Announces Texas Mobile STEM Lab Visits for 2022/23 School Year

During the 2022/23 school year, Learning Undefeated’s Texas Mobile STEM Lab will visit students and teachers from 28 schools across 20 regions in the state. In partnership with the Texas Education Agency, Learning Undefeated’s custom-outfitted STEM learning space will offer engaging, immersive, hands-on STEM experiences for students and teachers, teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics and skills.