Drop Anywhere Labs

Our newest concept in mobile STEM education, Drop Anywhere Labs are custom outfitted STEM learning spaces built from modified shipping containers.

Smaller, lighter, and less expensive than trailer labs, Drop Anywhere Labs offer a blend of career and skills education, providing flexible in-classroom resources that empower teachers and serve up to four classes simultaneously.

Bringing science labs back to Texas schools

Learning Undefeated was profiled by our partner The Rebuild Texas Fund through a short documentary that shares how our mobile STEM education program is helping students and schools recover from Hurricane Harvey. The documentary features Education Outreach Coordinator Desurae Matthews and several other team members aboard MdBioLab, along with students and teachers from Bloomington Independent School District.

Change Your Perspective

Change Your Perspective Change Your Perspective is an activity developed by Learning Undefeated to introduce students to concept of Virtual Reality, a new technology that is changing the world. Virtual Reality (VR) is an interactive, computer-generated simulation of a 3D image. Using specialized equipment, VR technology creates an artificial environment that can be experienced in…

It’s All in your Head

It's All in your Head It’s All in your Head is an activity developed by Learning Undefeated in partnership with CNSI to explore the use of wearable concussion sensors in athletics in an effort to prevent long-term injury. Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury. The brain tissue is damaged when the brain hits the…

Micropipette Challenge

Micropipette Challenge Micropipette Challenge is an activity developed to introduce students to micropipettes, a commonly-used laboratory tool. A micropipette is a very fine pipette tool for measuring, transferring, or injecting very small quantities of liquid. This tool has revolutionized the handling of small liquid volumes and is used across all fields of science, including, chemistry, biology,…