Learning Undefeated Provides Mobile “Drop Anywhere Labs” for New “Faith in the Vaccine” COVID-19 Pilot Program in Washington, D.C.

“Our Drop Anywhere Labs will provide a secure, professional laboratory space for the ‘Faith in the Vaccine’ mobile health initiative, which supports the District of Columbia in equitably distributing the COVID-19 vaccine across multiple sites in the city,” said Brian Gaines, CEO of Learning Undefeated. “As part of this wide-reaching coalition of community leaders, we’re committed to ensuring that every community in the District has access to the COVID-19 vaccine, starting with Wards 5, 7 and 8.”

Churches Pair Up with Clinics to Deliver Coronavirus Vaccine to Those Who Need It Most

Washington Post | Holding clinics on church grounds can make getting the vaccine easier for people who do not have the ability to drive to a mass vaccination clinic or who have trouble getting online to check and recheck websites, hoping for an appointment. And seeing pastors getting vaccinated can help ease people’s concerns about getting the shots. “We know the faith community has the ear of their people and are a trusted voice. For people who might be a little hesitant, to see their pastor get vaccinated builds that trust immediately.”

Nonprofit Deploys Mobile STEM Laboratory as COVID-19 Testing Site

It’s not unusual to see a bright blue shipping container traveling around the streets of Washington, DC, but this Saturday the Drop Anywhere Lab operated by nonprofit Learning Undefeated was on the road for a different purpose: as a pop-up testing site for COVID-19. At a community health event sponsored by United Healthcare last Saturday,…

Contour AR Sandbox Makes Topography Interactive

Literally breaking new ground on a fun, interactive way of teaching topography, Learning Undefeated’s Contour Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox brings landscapes to life by augmenting sand in real-time with an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water. The Contour AR Sandbox teaches geographic, geologic, and hydrologic concepts that support student learning in reading…