This was an excellent hands-on learning experience for our students. The experience your lab provided will be talked about for years to come by these students.

MXLab Teacher Participant

I serve as a mentor because I want other black and brown youths to be excited for STEM just as I am. My most memorable moment was attending an all female class, I was able to answer questions not just about college but about life aspects which allowed me to be a beacon of light for some of the girls. read more

Taylor Bosie, explorer lab mentor

Learning Undefeated videos are engaging and easily digested by our students, perfect for distance learning.

Tony Digman, Special Education Instructor, Linganore High School

We were learning about how mountains form, topography and maps. We are diagramming how rain changes and where water flows. Where the land is higher, you’d get more lines if it was further apart you’d get fewer lines. We can see in the valley where water collects from runoff, that was really cool.

Jordyn, 8th grade science student, KIPP Liberation College Prep middle school

It gave a real life adventure and it shows that you can create something and explore no matter what you are. Overall, now I might want to be an engineer.

explorer lab Student Participant