I felt inspired to work in a STEM related career because, I thought that it was amazing that you could be working in a lab, with cool advanced technology. And while working in the lab, you can create new breakthroughs in science that could help society.

Student, Oakland Mills High School

In the midst of widespread devastation and confusion, we have witnessed the best in humanity. One of the finest examples of the blessings we have received is an outpouring of support from Rebuild Texas Fund, Qatar Harvey Fund, and Learning Undefeated. read more

Melissa Gonzales, Refugio (Texas) ISD, Superintendent of Schools

Your mobile lab changed my life! I was a student at Watkins Mill High School when the mobile lab came to my school, and my experience on the lab is what caused me to choose a major in a STEM field. Your program really is changing lives!

Yeldys Milagro de Armas, Student, University of Maryland

The AR sandbox is so much better than having the students try and learn from a worksheet! I love this thing. If they had just learned this from a paper, they would never get it. With the [Contour] sandbox, they get it 10 times faster.

Kyle Reiss, 8th grade teacher, KIPP Liberation College Prep middle school, Houston, Texas

Our kids have been through so much. Having Learning Undefeated in our district was essential to giving our students meaningful and engaging science lessons in a safe environment. We are excited to have them back this year!

Tina Herrington, Superintendent, Wharton ISD