I wanted to thank you and your crew for the great week we had with the Bio Lab. It could not have gone any better – from the site prep and the drop off, to the experience provided for our students. We wanted access for all students, and we received more than we could hope for! read more

Beth Foster, Science Academic Chair, Annapolis High School

The mobile science lab was a life changing experience for our children this summer! Josiah failed science in school last year and the science part of the STAR test as well. He was frustrated and hated science for this reason. Josiah is a very intelligent child but for some reason science was a struggle for him. read more

Charlotte Dorsey, Executive Director, Just Do It Now Community Center

I serve as a Learning Undefeated mentor to strengthen my communication skills and continue to perfect my adaptability skills. Not only do I strive for human connectivity with the children, but I also believe in the importance of education. I want children to know about college and the possibilities it opens up for them. read more

TeErica Tatum, explorer lab mentor

I serve as a mentor for the [Learning Undefeated] Explorer Lab because I enjoy being with kids. I think it’s important to have young adults like myself encourage kids to go to college and pursue promising careers. My most memorable moment during a school visit was introducing myself to the middle school class. read more

Maya Jones, explorer lab mentor

Partnering with MdBio Foundation not only offers an opportunity to propel and motivate the next generation of STEM visionaries, but provides MedImmune scientists and professionals a chance to support innovation in the community — inspiring students through their own experiences. It makes a difference!

Steve Coats, Vice President, External Science Strategy, MedImmune