If we are to continue to solve the toughest health challenges of tomorrow, we need to cultivate the talent today. I can say with authority that employers will be waiting, but more importantly, patients are waiting. At MedImmune we are driven to create life-saving medicines — a process that does not happen without people who fundamentally love science and live to innovate; programs like ATLAS are critical to nurturing that passion early on so that it can thrive. read more

Dr. JoAnn Suzich, Vice President of Research, MedImmune

By supporting groups like MdBio we’re creating opportunities for people to prepare for rewarding careers, especially at a time when so many jobs are unfulfilled in the U.S. today, lacking qualified applicants. We support programs that prepare people for college and careers – especially STEM careers – and MdBio does that and more. read more

LaTara Harris, Regional Director for External Affairs, AT&T

We are excited to be working with MdBio to help communities rebuild after Hurricane Harvey. This hands-on learning laboratory is helping to build resiliency for the children in this community by contributing to their STEM education.

Neeraj Aggarwal, Program Director of Rebuild Texas Fund

The students were excited daily to enter the mobile lab and were exposed to a variety of experiments. I remember one of the most exciting days was when they solved the mystery of the broken beaker! They were meticulous at all data collecting and were on task to solve the mystery. read more

Janice Carroll, Refugio High School, Lead Science Dept.

The reason why I serve as a mentor for the [Learning Undefeated] Explorer Lab is to be a great example to young kids to show them that it’s cool to be smart and also be an athlete.​ The most memorable moment I had was when I got to share with the class of young girls what it’s like being a girl scout and a chemistry major. The things I’m able to take away from working as a mentor is patience and understanding and leadership skills. read more

Kemia Cleveland, explorer lab mentor