We are very excited to partner with MdBio Foundation to support the MXLab. At Northrop Grumman Corporation we’re dedicated to fostering the next generation of STEM professionals. The commitment and the quality and the rigor of MdBio’s content has us very excited to connect with the organization and be able to bring classroom learning to life.

Melissa Sandlin, Manager, Corporate Citizenship – Eastern Region, Northrop Grumman Corporation

This is such a golden opportunity for us. We talk about science and a lot of times we are playing make-believe scientists in the classroom, but when they’re here they ARE scientists. They are doing real science and that’s just such an impactful moment for them.

Biology Teacher, Reservoir High School

MdBio Foundation does all of the hard work in marketing, communicating and then working with the students to get them excited about STEM. I am honored to support your mission and speak to students about my career path. Unlike so many other projects or endeavors, the results of STEM education span generations.

Kiran Chodavarapu, Process Innovation Leader, WR Grace

I serve as a mentor for the [Learning Undefeated] Explorer Lab because I enjoy working with children, and I enjoy seeing them learn in a positive way. My most memorable moment during a school visit is when the children were happy at the end and gave the mentors a hug when they were leaving. read more

Kiara McClue, explorer lab mentor

ATLAS is awesome. I came here today thinking about a career in either IT or mechanical engineering. After talking to some people, I’m definitely leaning more toward mechanical engineering. I definitely plan on going to the next event in the spring.

High School Student, Prince George’s County